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WonderWall Bar Café is a multi-story café-bar located at the Ladadika district of Thessaloniki. Although it opened its doors on April Fool’s Day of 2014, it took its mission seriously from the very beginning: to change the nightlife of Thessaloniki forever by offering a multi-themed, vibrant amusement space open any time of the year.

At WonderWall Rooftop & Bar we have two inter-connected principles. The first one is variety. Each of our three floors features a unique atmosphere and vibe. From the bohemian, urban ground floor bar to the exotic, all-season rooftop, a set of different nightlife worlds lays behind the staircases of each floor.

Our second principle, that all the floors share, is energetic, unstoppable fun! Whether you visit us for a morning coffee or a drink at night the melodies of Rock ’N Roll, Swing, Electro, Hip-hop, Funk, Blues and Soul music will keep you company.

WonderWall Rooftop & Bar is also a renowned host of many special events. Our abundant catalogue includes NBA match screenings (often in the middle of the night!), Beer Pong Tournaments full of adrenaline and… booze, Karaoke Nights, Comedy night shows and DJ sets by professional music producers.

If you are looking for a cozy, youthful and entertaining place to hang out, you can count on us. We are gonna be the ones that save you. And after all, we are your WonderWall!