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Do you want a nice companion to your afternoon coffee break? Are you looking for a…
mouthwashing boost of energy in the middle of a busy day? Being keen on tasting new
local and international dishes? No matter the question, there is only one answer: Wonderwall Cafe & Bar!

Wonderwall Cafe & Bar is not just another place offering brunch in Thessaloniki. Here you can find a large menu consisting of more than a dozen different dishes, all of which share the
same principles: homemade/homegrown products, intriguing tastes and original recipes from all around the world. Of course, all our dishes can be accompanied by any freshly-brewed coffee of
your choice, as well as a pint (or two!) of beer.

Choose Thessaloniki, choose brunch, choose Wonderwall Cafe & Bar!

Brunch is served every day from 11:00 to 20:00.

See our menu below:

  • Sunny Side Up

    6 €

    Fried eggs on savory bruschettas with roasted bacon or chorizo sausage.

  • Greek Morning

    6 €

    Traditional greek "strapatsada" (eggs, tomato, feta cheese) with a bit of "bukovo" (a spice made of crushed peppers) and country-style potatoes.

  • Omelette

    6 €

    Our omelette, containing three ingredients of your choice.

  • French Toast

    7 €

    French toast with caramel fruit, flower honey and walnuts.

  • Salty Pancakes

    7 €

    A salty versions of your beloved pancakes, served with roasted ham and sun-dried tomato cream.

  • Praline Pancakes

    6 €

    Our own version of your beloved pancakes with praline, roasted banana and almond crocan.

  • American Style

    8 €

    BBQ, bacon, cheddar cheese.

  • European Style

    8 €

    Tartar sauce, egg, edam cheese.

  • Green

    6 €

    Arugula and lettuce accompanied by bacon, roasted manuri cheese and white balsamic vinegar vinaigrette.

  • Ceasar's

    7 €

    We all love this salad! At WonderWall you can have it served with roasted chicken or Spanish chorizo.

  • Toast

    3.5 €

    A safe choice for all day long. Served with edam cheese and ham or turkey cold meat.

  • Caprese Sandwich

    5 €

    The classic Italian combination of tomato and mozzarella in a sandwich.

  • Tuna Sandwich

    5 €

    Tuna-mayonnaise salad and a boiled egg served inside a chapata bread.

  • Club Sandwich

    8 €

    The WonderWall version of club sandwich with roasted chicken and smoked mayonnaise.

  • Mozzarela Sticks

    7 €

    Crispy, fried mozzarella with spicy Bloody Mary sauce.

  • Falafel

    7 €

    Chickpeas balls with refreshing yoghurt sauce.

  • Cold Cuts

    10 €

  • Brownies

    6 €

    American recipe with vanilla ice cream and choco devil sauce.